My career in the film industry began in Mexico City in 1992. There, I liaised between international production houses and local crew and vendors to produce commercials and music videos. The majority of the fieldwork in Mexico was shot in remote locations that included Mayan ruins, jungles, desert islands, and other remarkable natural settings such as can only be found in that country. Eventually, I ran the company's equipment rental operations while at the same time managing new jobs and running their promotions department.

In 1998, I moved to New York where my work predominately focused on music video production but also included documentaries, commercials, television series and feature films. I have produced videos for artists such as Moby and Matchbox 20 and have managed productions for a large list of artists. A documentary of note was the critically acclaimed ''Capturing The Friedmans''.

I work consistently between projects on both the East and West coasts of the United States. I am fluent in Spanish which allows me to work extensively throughout Latin America and am conversant in Portuguese with a smattering of French

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Phone: 917-797-4614
Email: rafael@el-rafa.com